How to Recruit Millennial and Gen-Z Talent with Mobile-First Applications

How to Recruit Millennial and Gen-Z Talent with Mobile-First Applications

How offering mobile-first application experiences will convert job-seeking Millennials into applicants

In a recent Forbes article, communications specialist John Feldmann agreed that optimizing the application experience for mobile was one of the most important factors in attracting Millennial talent.

Considering Millennials, and now Gen-Z, are known as the “mobile-first” generation, this should come as no surprise. However, as some industries have caught on to the mobile trend, recruiting seems to lag behind.

Despite the fact that 80% of job searches begin on a mobile device, less than 2% of candidates complete a job application on mobile.

This highlights a significant inefficiency in modern recruiting: of the candidates that found an open role on a mobile device, 98% will either complete the application on a desktop computer or abandon the application. The result of this glaring problem is 76% of HR professionals acknowledging that mobile optimization is a priority within their organizations.

Companies that optimize their job listings for mobile can expect:

Increased Candidate Volume and Diversity

In 2018, there were an estimated 45 million mobile-only internet users in the United States. Of this population, one of the largest groups has been Hispanic Millennials with more than 40% strictly using mobile devices to access the internet. By offering mobile applications, companies empower a wider, more diverse group of applicants that are not using desktop computers to apply for their jobs.

Improved Candidate Experience

Access to an uninterrupted, seamless application experience provides an improved candidate experience which can cause applicants to feel more favorably about the companies they are applying to. According to a study on, one-quarter of talent acquisition practitioners believe that a poor or non-existent mobile hiring experience may prevent these candidates from buying their products or services in the future. Therefore, implementing a mobile-friendly application experience is not only crucial in enhancing the candidate experience, but also in increasing the bottom line.

Lower Application Abandonment Rate

Indeed lists a negative mobile application experience as one of the top four reasons that job seekers aren’t completing a company’s application process. As previously mentioned, because less than 2% of candidates complete the “mobile-apply” experience, 98% of mobile users either transition to a desktop computer or drop out of the process. With a solution optimized for mobile applications, companies experience a higher application completion rate.

Clearly, mobile applications are a crucial part of a successful hiring process in 2019, but many companies still struggle with how to augment this experience.

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