Hire Nurses 10x Faster with These 5 Strategies

Hire Nurses 10x Faster with These 5 Strategies

This piece was originally published in a Recruiting Daily titled “Recruiting Wars for Nurses Will Reward the Innovators” by our CEO Alex McKeown. You can check it out here

Any recruiter in the field knows that healthcare, and especially nursing, is experiencing a mass shortage of workers across America. In fact, as early as 2022, there will be a need for over 1 million new nurses to enter the workforce to replace retirees.

Nursing colleges are struggling to keep up with this demand, turning away over 75,000 qualified student applicants last year because of lack of sufficient faculty, clinical sites, and classroom facilities.

In short, nursing has become a warzone for recruiters in 2019.

Here are 5 recruiting strategies to help boost your healthcare hiring:

1) Professional Development: Provide career classes or clinics related to nursing at your facility. Alternatively, hold a seminar or class about an important “hot” topic related to your unit or service-line to meet new nurses who may potentially want to join your team.

2) Job Boards: Use as many online job boards as you can to widen your talent pool. Digital job boards play an increasing role in how prospective employees search for jobs in 2019. As adjusting budgets across multiple platforms can be difficult to manage, tools like Talenize can help you maximize your advertising spend on these boards. Services like these ensure that your jobs get in front of only the most ideal, qualified candidates and remain at the top of a candidates job search results.

3) Online Reviews: Work with your human resources departments to fix organizational reviews on social media, and have managers fix their unit reviews. In 2016, a Glassdoor study found that candidates read an average of six reviews before applying for a job. Unfortunately, bad reviews can make a greater impression than the job description and deter candidates from applying.

4) Social: Social media is a recruiter’s best friend for engaging passive job seekers. Recruiters can connect with candidates for free on these platforms through relevant topics like events, groups, pages, and content. Additionally, recruiters can use these platforms to advertise their jobs to a new audience of candidates. Here at Talenize, we’ve seen these ads lead to a faster time-to-fill ratio when it comes to vacant positions.

5) Career Fairs: Go to healthcare-centered job fairs to meet qualified candidates interested in joining your team. If you’re looking for upcoming college graduates, the best time to recruit them is around mid-September at fall career fairs and late January to early February for the spring semester fair.

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